Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek.


This week I had the chance to go into Harry Potter super fan geek mode as we headed off to the studio tour. It was brilliant, it isn’t far from where we live so was a super simple journey and we had a lovely day. A was in his element and it was so magical. We took lots of snaps but I wouldn’t want to ruin the mystery by sharing them with you, so here is me in Diagon Alley and tasting butter beer 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We also got back from Ikea with lots of frames and shelves that we put up this week. It’s lovely to make our house feel more like a home by getting some treasured images on the walls. I have been desperately crocheting in the hope that I will complete my blanket for baby finally. It’s going to be touch and go for sure though.

Ohhh and I got new specs!!! I have had my current frames for a good couple of years and haven’t found any I preferred to replace them. Well I had an appointment this week and G convinced me to take the plunge and get some new frames. I am not sure I feel too confident in them yet, it’s a big deal changing glasses when you wear them 99% of the time. But hopefully they look nice and it was a good decision. It’s nice to see a bit better anyway hehe.

Hopefully next week I can squeeze in a hair cut as I am not sure I will have much me time in the coming months. Otherwise it’s a busy week blogging and hopefully spending some quality time with A.

For now though, let me share a peek of tomorrow…

Bright Beautiful Spring Wedding

Whitney Deal Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking for something other than a traditional wedding dress, there are many gorgeous options found with Whitney Deal. Her collection features amazing wedding and bridesmaid dresses, so you can easily find something that is one-of-a-kind and perfectly complements your wedding style. Spring and summer are wonderful seasons to show of many of these beautiful dresses, including the Faye chiffon mid-length wedding dress. Show off your personality by pairing the dress with your favorite wedding shoes or summer sandals.


The Pearl and Hattie dresses are ideal options for a beach or garden wedding, as they look soft and chic.


For a vintage look, the Ruby skirt paired with Glea blouse creates a delicate, beautiful style for your wedding. Accent the beautiful simplicity of the dress with a jeweled headband for an effortless style. The Lucille dress is a gorgeous short dress, complete with a scalloped lace edging and short lace sleeves. Including patterns into your wedding color palette is a wonderful way to brighten up the wedding party.

The Lilium dresses, with floral or geometric patterns, come in long and short lengths, as well as three different styles of straps and sleeves, and the Zinnia dress is a flattering silhouette with light gradient of color to complement the bride.

Oh So Chic Winter Make Up Tutorial: Silver Eyes & Ruby Lips

It’s that time again – time to get gorgeous!

London based make up artist Tabby Casto regularly stops by to share her top bridal make up tutorials to help you achieve Hollywood/catwalk worthy looks for your big day.

Did you catch her natural wedding make up tutorial on creating a gorgeous glow?

It’s a must read for brides who prefer a ‘less is more’ approach to bridal make up.

Or how about her Megan Fox make up tutorial? (Which is quite possibly my favourite make up look EVER.)

Today, Tabby shares a chic make up look that’s perfect for brides planning winter weddings!


1) Mac Bare Canvas Paint // 2) Illamasqua Phenomena Liquid Metal // 3) Lord & Berry Eye Kohl // 4) Mac False Lash Waterproof Mascara // 5) Benefit Eye Bright // 6) Nars Sheer Matte Foundation // 7) Mac 263 Angled Brush // 8) Mac Russian Red Matte Lipstick // 9) Nars Dragon Girl Lipstick

How To Get The Look

1. For this gorgeous wintery look you are going to need a few good brushes and primers. To start off cleanse and moisturise your skin as normal, then go straight to the eye makeup! Prep your eyelids with a really strong matte base (1) Mac Bare Canvas Paint would be perfect as it’s got an acrylic ingredient that holds onto makeup.

2. Once primer is applied to the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush (Mac 239 is great) apply Illamasqua Phenomena Liquid Metal (2) to the main eyelid (not taking it past the crease of the eye). This is REALLY pigmented and strong product. You won’t need much of it to get the desired effect which is much softer and blown own but still glossy. Blend the colour up into the crease of the eye to diffused finish with a fluffy brush such as Mac 217.

(Tip : In this photo there is a glossy finish to the eyeshadow – however gloss moves – you will need to touch up before your wedding photos. For an alternative look that stays place all day use a silver eyeshadow in place of gloss such as Mac Silver Ring and add a champagne highlighter to the centre of the eye to give the more shiny effect.)

3. Liner the upper lash line with a black kohl pencil like Lord & Berry’s Kohl (3) and line the lower inner lash line with Benefit Eye Bright (5) Coat top and bottom lashes with a swipe of Mac False Lash Waterproof Mascara (4) ideal for Weddings as it doesn’t budge!

4. Apply primer and your matte foundation of choice. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation (5) would be great for this! Add concealer to the under eyes and on any blemishes and set with a translucent powder. Add a little bronzer to your cheekbones as well to give a softer look than blusher. There is a strong focus on eyes and lips here you won’t need to use blusher.

5. For the lips try using an angled brush like the Mac 263 (7). Start by lining your lips with Nars Dragon Girl Lipstick (9) Fill in the whole lip to create a soft base and blot with a tissue. Then go over the lip again with the 263 Mac brush saturated in Mac Russian Red Lipstick (8) By applying the lipstick with this brush you can get the precision line that takes the look to a more sophisticated level. Use the edge of the brush against the edge of your lip to create the perfect out line and then fill the lip in the middle.

The left model’s lips look matte so I would just blot the lips once more with a tissue and they would be perfect. The right model’s lips however look more glossy. Add a tiny bit of lip balm to the centre of the lip for this effect. Avoid using gloss all over the entire lip as it will cause lipstick to bleed. By adding it only to the very centre of the lip your makeup will last longer.

6. Lastly fill in your eyebrows with your product of choice and spritz a face mist like Caudilie Beauty Elixir over your skin to freshen up the matte finish and give it a slight glow.

Don’t be afraid to try out this look! A red lip is ideal for Christmas Weddings!

photos and dresses by 

As always, I’d recommend brides have a trial with a professional make up artist before going it alone as they can help you discover what products will work best for your specific skin type and face shape. If you decide to go the DIY wedding make up route just make sure you (or one of your bridesmaids/friends) have lots of practice runs before the big day!

Thanks so much to Tabby for sharing this tutorial with us today. This look is not for the faint hearted (remember to go easy on the silvery-grey shimmer) but there’s no denying the show- stopping appeal of a bride with a bold red lip!

Orange Lips; The Perfect Pout for Spring Brides

First it was on the catwalk. Then it was on the red carpet.

So it’s only natural that this season’s biggest beauty story is set to hit the aisle soon too.

Spring 2014 is all about orange lips.

Photo by J Crew via Grey Likes Weddings.

From pretty coral pouts to bright tangerine smiles, no shade of orange is off-limits for spring and summer brides searching for a unique look for their first kiss as married women.

If red is too wintery and pink, too sweet, but you’re still after a statement lip that packs a punch, think tomato, apricot, pumpkin and carrot. (Yum.)

Photo by Lucy Stendall Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

The best thing about orange is that is can be as subtle and sweet or as bold and striking as you fancy.

While orange may seem like an impossible pigment to perfect, there is a reason, designers, (DKNY, Rag & Bone), celebrities, (Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung), and now brides, are puckering up to amber shades.

No matter what your skin tone, hair colour, or personal style, chic, stylish, and flattering, orange is a versatile shade that can suit almost every pair of kissers.

Photo: Cara Delevingne via Boudoir PR

Top Tip Lips

– If you have of a sallow complexion, you can pull-off a rich tomato tone or yellowy hues, while pale (and interesting) brides, should opt for coral or red-based tangerines.

– Orange shades can draw attention to redness in your complexion, so spend extra time perfecting your base before you take the plunge with your pout. A sweep of bronzer or a helping of coral blush will complete the look.

– In order to avoid a mane/mouth colour clash, red-headed brides should opt for a matte orange for a clean and elegant finish.

– If you’re opting for an orange lip for your wedding make-up, avoid fake tan at all costs. The new tangerine is a chic and modern look, too much tango, and you’ll look like you’ve stepped straight off the pages of an Eighties wedding mag.

– To make your wedding pout really pop, pair your look with some peachy blooms; ranunculus, dahlias, and peonies will all tie your wedding style together beautifully.

Need some inspiration?

Still not convinced you can pull off the 2014 lip du jour? Take your cue on this hue from the queen of incredible make-up herself, Lisa Eldridge, who’s thorough tutorial gives a crash course in the trend, for everyone from the not-so-peachy-keen, to the confident clementine brides…

So let us know, are you a convert or will you be sticking to the pinks, reds and nudes, this spring?

Wedding Nail Art : Three Chic Talons for a Stylish Bride

  • Over the last few years, nails have become a rather important part of your bridal look. Shying away from the traditional French mani, many modern brides are now opting for solid colours, from natural taupes to bold reds.

    But with red carpet nails getting ever-more adventurous (Zooey Deschanel is the queen of offbeat finger-tips) and Shellac and Minx and other gel polishes making creative looks more sturdy, brides are choosing to show their playful side with bright hues and quirky nail art.

    Which is why Georgie at Polished2Perfection has nailed it (sorry, sorry, could not resist) with this sweet and stylish wedding nail inspiration shoot.

    Captured beautifully by Her Lovely Heart, (see their last gorgeous inspiration shoot here) these three unique looks, offer a plethora of ideas to play around with, from popping some colour into your bridal style, to adding a little sparkle to your look. Watch out for some great tips from Georgie too…

    Flip the French

    “If you like the French manicure look, why not step outside the box and try it in a colour that matches your flowers or bridesmaids dresses?

    Try a base colour that matches one and the tip in a shade that matches the other. It can look amazing with the right colour combination”

    Be Playful with Polka

    “If you want something a little more subtle why not choose a pastel or nude shade that matches your flowers or make-up and add a few soft white polka dots on top?

    I think this adds a unique touch to your bridal nails and looks romantic and feminine.”

    All That Glitters is Gold

    “It is important with any wedding manicure to tie it in with a colour scheme, and I would definitely recommend having a professional nail technician look after your hands and nails for your big day.

    Have them done as close to the day as possible to ensure picture perfection, though at least 24 hours allow them to dry fully.

    For a longer-lasting look, opt for a gel manicure that dries instantly and can be done up to a week before and will last for two-three weeks.”

    Wow. How chic? The styling from London Bride is just perfection!

    I love the idea of adding a touch of glitter on a matte pastel nail, it looks really special without being too showy. And I think the polka dots would be really gorgeous on bridesmaids too.

Glossy hair, glowing skin and perfect nails; The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Bridal Beauty Guide

So we talk at length about your getting-ready routine on the morning of your wedding; Your hairstyle, your make-up, (your killer pre-wedding playlist!)

But what about your beauty regime in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding?

The reason many brides look so blushing, polished and utterly gorgeous, on their wedding day, is not just because they’re high on love and Champagne (though that certainly helps!) it’s because their beauty prep began long before the invitations went out.

Your wedding day is a great excuse to work on finally combatting those nasty breakouts, finally finding the perfect shade of blonde, and finally growing your nails out.

And so, to help you on the way to looking utterly polished on your wedding day, we’ve hit up the professionals. We got tips from the top experts in their fields, on how they help brides reach that coveted combination.

Glossy hair, glowing skin, and perfect nails? They’re just a little bit of work, patience, and product away…

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 9

Photo by Tamiz Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

The Skin

Expert Irish facialist, Ciara McCluskey, is a self-confessed product addict (you need to see inside this girl’s beauty cabinet!) and waxes lyrical about her favourite products on her new blog The Lipgloss Girl.

She gives us her insider tips on perfecting your complexion ahead of your wedding.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 7

Photo by What A Day Photography via Favdig

Every bride wants clear, glowing skin, so here are my top tips for my clients getting ready for their big day.

Gulp Up

Nobody tends to drink enough water and while this is the oldest trick in the book, it’s there for a reason. Water is the answer to youthful, fresh, glowy skin. It clears the skin of toxins and keeps it plump and hydrated, as well as helping to keep spots at bay.

Try to get at least 1-2 litres a day (especially in the run-up to your wedding).

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 10

Photo by Still Moments Studio  via Favdig

Take Supplements

Omega fish oils are fantastic for your skin and hair. They help with inflammation, acne and various other skin problems. It will take a few weeks to notice a difference but take them, religiously.

Get Into a Routine

You need to get clear about your skin and what it needs. Is it dry, oily, dehydrated, sensitive? Listen to it and spend some money on good skin care that suits your skin’s needs.

At the very least, have a cleanse, tone, moisturise regime going. Do it everyday twice a day, and you will see a difference with your skin. If you can, add in an eye serum, and use SPF everyday if it’s not in your foundation already. 

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 13

Photo by Traci Griffin Photography via Favdig


This is the great part about being a bride-to-be. Regular facials! These are a great way for a professional to look at your skin and help you to understand what your skin needs and what will work.

I recommend to start getting them at least 12-6 months before the big day, not at the last minute, as you could have a small breakout. It’s also a great way for you to relax and escape from table planning for a while.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 6

Photo by Craig Bruce of Brilliant Studios via Favdig

Don’t Forget your Body.

You want to be glowing from head to toe on the big day, and this starts in the shower. Dry body brushing is an amazing way to see a huge change in your skin. It gets blood flow going, helps with cellulite and works on pesky bumpy skin.

Use a scrub in the shower every other day and moisturise and soon as you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp, to help lock in moisture. 

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 12

Photo by Dasha Caffrey Photography via Favdig

The Hair

The wonderful Jo, Founder and Creative Director of Love Hair & Co (check out their amazing real bride inspiration galleries) gives us her expert tips on how to prep your tresses for gorgeous glossy locks in time for your wedding day.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 16

Photo by CJ Williams Photography via Favdig

Stick to your Stylist

Get organised and schedule any colour appointments up to two weeks before the big day. Be sure to book in with the same hair stylist so that they can stick to the plan. 

Split It

If you’re growing your hair for your wedding, ensure you get regular hair cut appointments to grow out any layers, and keep your hair looking in great condition. Split ends = Dull hair.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 4

Photo by Le Secret ‘Audrey via Favdig

Trick Treatment

Use a treatment to get your hair looking glossy – Kerastase Age Recharge is great for adding gloss to damaged hair needing a bit of TLC. 

Banish the Brass

You’ll be looking at your wedding photos for a long time, so make sure your hair colour is the most flattering for your skin tone.

Visit a colour technician to get rid of any brassy yellow tones and ensure brown tones are rich and glossy. 

photo by Dasha Caffrey Photography via Favdig (see the fullhair tutorial here)

Impulse Purchase

Don’t make any drastic changes in the weeks up to the wedding. Impulse fringes, layers or drastic colour changes are often regretted. So stick with what you know.

 Tec Petaja via Once Wed

Great Lengths

My extra tip is; don’t worry about growing your hair, if you really want an up do, but your hair’s not quite there yet. Most brides use clip-in hair extensions for extra length or volume.

The quality is so good now you would never know – They don’t cost the earth, can be colour matched to your own hair and are ethically sourced. What’s not to love?

Ultimate Pre-Wedding Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog

Photo by Bryce Covey Photography via Favdig

The Nails

We hit up the superstar manicurists from MW Nails in London ( a very cool airplane-themed nail bar) for their top tips on prepping your bridal talons. They offer a Bridal Bliss treatment for brides and their maids of honour for the ultimate pre-wedding pamper sesh.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 8

Photo by Her Lovely Heart via Favdig

We asked our crew to give us some of their top tips to help prepare for that big day and they’ve come up with some great ideas to ensure your nails are as sparkling as the Champagne!

Preparation is Key

It takes three months for a nail to grow. So start early by having a consultation with a professional to ensure you are having treatments and using products that are right for you.

We Are What We Eat

A healthy, balanced diet is essential not only for nails but your hair and skin too. Ensure you are having enough calcium and Omega oils. No DIY dieting!

Cuticles are Crucial

Use a good quality cuticle oil – Dadi Oil or OPIs Avoplex are both great. They moisturise nails and the skin around them – so your nails become more supple and you’ll prevent splitting.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 2

Photo by Steve Gerrard via Love My Dress

Shape up

Stick to the natural shape of your nails as much as possible and if you prefer a rounded shape make sure you don’t take too much off the sides as it can cause nail splitting.

Colour Me Beautiful

Colours change depending on your skin tone so make sure you choose a colour that works well for you.

If your skin tone is pale than lighter shades with pink or blue undertones are best. Pastel colours can look great too. Choose pinks or reds to brighten the complexion. With fair complexion beige, white and silver can be fabulous.

Those with blue undertones look great with pink based varnish. Medium skin tones enjoy a wide range of colours and can be more choosy. Peach or gold colours enhance olive complexions.

Don’t go for a very pearlescent colour on your nails. As with eye make-up it reflects the light more than matte products and can look different on the photographs. Matte with glossy finish would be our favourite.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 5

Photo by Jill Tiongco Photography via Favdig

Softly Does It

Invest in a good hand cream to moisturise hands in between your treatments. A hot paraffin treatment combined with exfoliation twice a month, will detox the skin and help cells to regenerate and skin will look healthier and younger.

Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails | The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide | Favdig Wedding Blog 14

Photo by Aljosa Videtic Photography via Favdig

Such great tips, don’t you think? I especially love the ones on the supplement and treatments, really useful to know.

Thanks so much to Ciara McCluskey, Jo from Love Hair & Co, and the team at MW Nails for their expert advice.

Have you any other tips for perfecting your complexion, growing out your tresses, or filing your way to your dream nails Please do share in the comments below!

Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk on Resisting Fall Trends and This Year's "Epic" Runway Show

Now, Victoria's Secret Angels are women (albeit tall, gorgeous, genetically blessed women) of many talents. Alessandra Ambrosio dabbles in fashion design, Karlie Kloss is an accomplished pastry chef, and Gisele Bundchen can belt out the classics with the best of them. But did you know VS Angel Elsa Hosk used to be a professional basketball player in Sweden? That's pretty badass, if you ask me. So it makes total sense that she's the face of the Pink line, which is full of versatile, sporty pieces perfect for fearless cool girls like Elsa.


I had a chance to speak with Elsa when she shot the fall campaign way back in May, and even then the easygoing model was more than ready to chat with me about fall style, her resistance to trends, and—oh yes—the annual Victoria's Secret runway show, which is moving to London this year.


GLAMOUR: So what trends are you looking forward to wearing and styling for fall?
Elsa Hosk: I think I always have the same style. But if I see a trend long enough, I might catch on to it. But it has to be around for a while for me to warm up to it. But for fall, I always like big coats, velvet coats, tall boots, just comfortable [pieces], and I'm really into muted colors. And for lingerie, something fun and bright.

What are some of your tips to transition your summer wardrobe into the next season?
EH: My favorite way to style outfits is to really use a lot of pieces in your closet. I have a lot of jackets, for example. So you can wear the same summer outfit, but throw on a jacket or the other way around. Just wear a chunky knit with your light summer pants. I don't think you necessarily have to put away your summer closet to go into fall. You can incorporate the fall pieces into your normal summer wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite pieces from the fall Victoria's Secret Pink line?
EH: There is this new pant, it's called the Gym Pant. It's skinnier than the other pants and a little bit lighter, and it just looks really cool very flattering and it goes with basically everything in your closet. You can mix and match with other stuff in the collection. And also there's a new bra that I really love it's the Wear Everywhere Bra, and it goes three different ways. So if you wear a low-cut tank or something showing your back, you can really show it off and it looks really cute.

So what fall staples are you looking forward to buying?
EH: I always buy the same things. I have about a million sweaters and a million jackets, so I'm sure I'll get some more of that. I love chunky turtleneck sweaters and vintage Levi's. I'm really easy. I'm also really into vintage clothing.

What are some of your favorite vintage pieces to buy and places to shop?
There's a shop in New York called Narnia Vintage. They have really good stuff. Right now we're in Los Angeles, so I have the day off tomorrow, I'm sure I'll go. We've been talking about it—I'm sure we'll go shop. Just anything I can find that's unique and cool, I will get.

SO, what can you tell us about the annual Victoria's Secret runway show that's taking place in London this year?
EH: Oooh…I'm so excited we're going to London. I think it's such a cool change from the past couple of shows that have been in New York. It's going to be a new crowd, new buzz, and new atmosphere, and we're all just super excited about it. I've only been to London a couple times, but I haven't really gotten to see London. So I'm really excited to just walk around and get to know the city a bit as well. But first, I can't tell you anything because everything is so secret. But it's going to be a really epic show this year.

We're all really excited for it.
EH: I know, I am too. I'm dying to find out, but you'll just have to watch the show. And the musical talent is always revealed before or at the actual show…some of us don't even know, so…

Hmm…Like a British musical artist, maybe?
EH: That would be cool, that would be cool.


Who do you think will perform on the runway? Are you excited for the London runway show? And which Pink outfit do you like best on Elsa?