3 Ways to Consider Your Guests When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

outdoor weddings

Photo credit: Norman Yu Photography | normanyu.com

Brides may love the look of the popular and seemingly perfect outdoor weddings they see on Pinterest, wedding blogs and styled shoots. However, it’s important to be realistic and consider the details of these shoots. Most are meant for inspiration, not duplication. For example, consider how your guests would feel about waiting outside in the sun without shelter sitting atop hay bales in a field full of bugs? Doesn’t sound so romantic when put that way, does it?

Styled shoots are often romanticized, and it’s easy to get sucked in by the pretty details and ambiance. Here are three tips to pull off the spring wedding look you want to achieve, but not at your guests’ expense.

Bugs be gone: Check with your venue to see if they provide (or permit) mosquito repellant services. Repellent can be sprayed or sprinkled, and bug bombs set off several hours before the wedding work to keep pests at bay for the remainder of the event. Consider hanging a netted canopy to protect your cake and keep bugs out, while still displaying it in a fashionable way. If necessary, serve drinks in cups with lids to keep bugs out of your guests’ beverages – mason jars with stripped straws are both fun and practical for outdoor weddings.

Beat the heat: Ensure guests are well prepared for your outdoor ceremony by offering them fans that double as a wedding program. Serve refreshments at all times to keep guests hydrated. Drink stations featuring decanters of specialty drinks mixed with traditional bottled favorites in galvanized tubs is a picturesque way to offer an unmanned “bar” throughout the event. Plan shady spots for cooling off such as a tented cocktail hour and reception or canopies draped amongst the trees.

Advise guests of practical attire: If you don’t suggest appropriate attire for your outdoor wedding, guests will show up in the more traditional wedding garb and end up uncomfortable, too hot or too cold, or with their stilettos sinking in the grass. Whether it’s a point you make on your wedding website, or something you briefly mention on your invitation, it’s important to for your guests to look and feel comfortable.

Plan the wedding that you love, but also one that you would want to attend yourself. While it is your day, you want your family and friends to enjoy it as much as possible as you’re creating one of the most memorable events of your future.