Side Chignon Bridal Hairstyle Tutorial

I thought this DIY hair tutorial would be perfect for the bank holidays, if you are at home and fancy experimenting, or have an event to go to over the holidays, then this tutorial is ideal.

This super pretty messy style chignon is a gorgeous bridal hair style, easy to recreate and classic in look. Thanks so very much to Tiffony Simpson of Ony Salon for sharing her hair styling expertise with us today šŸ™‚ over to you Tiffony;

“Your wedding day is such an exciting day in your life. You want every detail to be perfect! We are excited to present to you this Do-it-Yourself hairstyle, however I want to give my professional opinion. Specializing in wedding hair design for over 10 years and a licensed master cosmetologist for over 15 years, I have seen it all. On your wedding day emotions are flying high; you are excited to be marrying the person that you love. I would always recommend hiring professional hairstylist, makeup artist, wedding planner, florist, etc. Being a professional wedding hairstylist, I get to hear a lot of behind the scenes information and the last thing a bride should have to worry about is styling her own hair on her wedding day. However, circumstances may call for do-it-yourself option. This side chignon is perfect for hair that is at least medium to shoulder length. If you can get your hair into a side ponytail, you can wear this chignon. I chose this style because it is very easy to make it messy or classic. Our model Kelly has extremely long hair, so I went with a more uniform classic look. With a look like this, as with any hairstyle, you want to find a happy medium to suit your personal taste.

Before you start, be sure to have plenty of bobby pins, hairspray, and a curling iron. I would recommend doing a trial run first. Have fun…and thanks for letting us be part of your wedding day! Best wishes! – Tiffony Simpson, Hair Stylist.”

Step 1: Set hair on hot rollers or with 1 1/4 barrel curling iron.

Step 2: Decide where you want your front part and section your hair into 4 sections. Two front sections and 2 back sections.

Step 3: Twist bottom back section over to the right side and bobby pin. Twist top back section over to the right side and bobby pin.

Step 4: Twist right side section back and bobby pin.

Step 5: Twist left side section back and bobby pin.

Step 6: To create the chignon begin taking small sections of hair, make a partial figure 8 and bobby pin.

Step 7: Continue taking small sections of hair and making the figure 8′s until all of your hair is added into the chignon.

Thank you to everyone involved with the Shoot! Please check out Faith Thornburg’s bridal gowns. She was the Elle Fashion Next 2011 Winner and One of the Top 20 Bridal designers to Watch by WD Dally News.

Credits where credit is due…

Photographer: Ai-Ling Chang

Concept Design/Stylist: Mary Melissa Johnson

Hair: Tiffony Simpson of Ony Salon

Make-up: Megan Mateo

Dresses: Faith Thornburg

Model: Kelly Muhlenberg