Flower Crown Inspiration

Flower Crown Ideas  http://www.tinoandpip.co.uk/

Image by Tino & Pip Photography, full wedding here.

I have a long standing love affair with the flower crown. In fact if I were to be an imminent bride I am pretty sure this would be my hair accessory of choice on my wedding day. I am still so wanting to try out a DIY hair wreath too, watch this space.

Today however I thought it would be lovely to look at this gorgeous floral trend, the different blooms that can be used, colour ways and styles.

Flower girls

The little ladies in your wedding party would have their wedding outfit complete with a little floral circlet. Pretty, delicate and sweet, they are sure to look totally adorable.

Flowergirls Floral Headdress http://esmeduckerphotography.com/
Little Girl Floral Halo http://www.annahardy.co.uk/
Flowergirl Flowercrowns http://karibellamy.com/
Headdress Girls http://www.gemmawilliamsphotography.co.uk/
Floral Halo Girls http://www.jamesmelia.com/
Flower Crown Flower Girl http://www.matthewlongphotography.co.uk/
Flower Headdress http://www.richardskinsphotography.co.uk/
Flower Girl Headdress http://www.jobradbury.co.uk/
Flowergirls Circlet http://www.camillarosa.co.uk/
Colourful Bridesmaid Headdress http://www.babbphoto.com/

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Pretty Bridal Florals

How about the adults? Whether you want your maids to don floral halos or you yourself want to feel like a bohemian goddess there is a flower headdress for everyone and every season.

From delicate tones and ribbons to large colourful arrangements, why not DIY your own too?

Flower Crown Bride http://esmeduckerphotography.com/
Floral Headdress Bride http://www.blissfulwedding.co.uk/
Flower Halo Bride http://www.theimagegarden.co.uk/
Flower Crown Wedding http://blokesndames.co.uk/blog/
Headdress Bride http://www.keithriley.co.uk/
Flower Halo Bride http://www.ctimages.co.uk/
Flower Circlet Bride http://www.kellyginnphotography.com/
Rose Headdress https://www.facebook.com/MegJenkinsPhotography
Flower Crown Bride http://www.lovestruckphoto.co.uk/

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Inspirational Shoots

Here are some show stopping floral hair creations, created to inspire you could tone down the size or shape, or be just as bold.

Floral Halo http://jamesmelia.com/
Flowers Hair Bride http://jamesmelia.com/
Floral Circlet http://www.rebeccadouglas.co.uk/
Headdress Bride http://www.mattandlenaphotography.com/
Flowercrown http://helinebekker.co.uk/blog/
Flower Halo http://www.katiehamiltonphotography.com/
Flower Headdress http://www.melwildephotography.com/
Flowercrown http://www.paulaohara.com/

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