Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Big Day

Our resident wedding expert, Sandra from Simply Peachy wedding blog, is back – and this week, she’s teaching us some great ways to scrimp and save on your big day…

It’s a sad truth, but weddings are expensive. Been there, done that… bought the wedding dress! On one hand, your heart is crying “It’s a once in a lifetime event” but on the other, alarm bells are ringing and you’re thinking, ”Do we really need that?!” It is so easy to get carried away with your planning because we all want that big hurrah for our big day, but without careful consideration you might be left kicking yourself later.

There are many ways to save on crazy costs without skimping on details or compromising on quality. You can still make your wedding day memorable without spending a fortune – you just need to know what you want and be willing to get creative! So, here are my top ten money-saving tips for your big day!

1. The Bridal Party
Don’t rush to ask all your friends to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. The larger the bridal party, the more you will need to spend on things like boutonnière (buttonholes), suits, dresses, hair, make-up, bouquets and cars. So instead of liberally asking everyone you know, take the time to decide who you really want standing next to you and just ask one or two.

2. Venues
Hold your wedding ceremony and reception at one venue. Not only will this save you some money, it’ll also mean your guests can spend more time celebrating and you won’t have to stress over how to transport guests from one venue to the other or what guests can do during the time in between. Check out our guide to the best alfresco wedding venues in HK here!

3. Guest List

Cut the guest list. To keep numbers down, don’t invite children or co-workers. Include your friend’s significant others but not casual dates. As celeb event organiser James Gordon told us in our party planning 101: “I don’t care whose cousin or great uncle it is… if you haven’t spoken or written to them in the last four months, don’t ask them!” This will cut your catering costs and help you save on invitations, centrepieces and gifts.

4. Avoid the Peak Season
Booking at a less popular time of the year will help you keep costs down; opting for a weeknight, lunch or afternoon affair means rates are often lower. It doesn’t matter what others think – do what’s best for you. It is your wedding after all!

5. Flowers
There are plenty of ways to save on wedding florals… Pick flowers that are in season so your florist won’t have to import any exotic or out-of-season blooms. Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers. Re-use your bridesmaid’s bouquets for the reception or head table. Opt for lower floral arrangements rather than tall floral centrepieces.

6. Stationery
Save on stationer costs and postage with simple single-page invitations or send out email save-the-dates. If you have additional information you would like to inform your guests about, post it up on a wedding website. There are so many free ones these days!

7. Music
Rather than a five-piece band, opt for a smaller two or three person band, DJ or even plug in the good old iPod! I’m sure you have a ‘forever love songs’ playlist lying around somewhere.

8. Wedding Favours
Look for favours that can double as escort cards or decorations. From lollies to cupcakes, tag your favours with each guest’s name and table number and place them on the escort table. For those crafty brides, consider making your favours. Things such as homemade jam, fudge and cookies can all be packaged and tagged with each guests’ name and table number to double as escort cards. A lot of couples these days are even opting to give charitable donations to causes close to their hearts in place of favours; just be sure to let guests know of the donation by placing a note at each place setting or table for guests to read.

9. Wedding Cake
Have the wedding cake double as dessert and serve with tea and coffee at the end of your reception.

10. Honeymoon
Pay for some wedding costs with your credit card to earn more frequent-flyer points that can then be put towards booking your romantic honeymoon.