How to Choose Right High-heeled Shoes?

Women are born with a natural feeling about high-heeled shoes. Just as Carrie said in Sex and City, “Standing on high-heeled shoes, I can overlook the whole world.” It is true that you are sure to see a better world with a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes that suits your feet.

To choose a pair of good high-heeled shoes, we should first take its material into consideration. Cattle hide is good material for making shoes, for its ideal shape effect and good breathability. Yet, for women with big feet, they may feel uncomfortable when their feet rub with the shoes. Compared with cattle hide, pigskin is less rough and less glossy. But, with big pores on the surface, it has good breathability, hence making it ideal for preparing the lining of leather shoes. Sheepskin is soft, fine and breathable and feels comfortable. It’s often used for making high-grade shoes. However, it’s hard to take care of it, and it cannot be washed with water. In addition, it’s more expensive than cattle hide. High-heeled shoes made of sheep skin are a good choice for women who prefer soft and comfortable shoes.
Proper heel height is a prerequisite for walking without any difficulties. For people who have to stand for a long time in their working environment, such as stewardess and waitresses, they should choose high-heeled shoes 3-5cm tall. They would appear sedate in such shoes and feel comfortable. High-heeled shoes taller than 10cm are increasingly popular among young women, for they can make them look tall and slim. However, Milanoo designers want to tell you super high-heeled shoes must be matched with a slugged bottom with a reasonable height. The height difference between the slugged bottom and the heel must be not over 7cm. Generally speaking, a height difference of 5cm is suitable for walking, while 7cm is an extreme height that our body can bear. Wearing high-heeled shoes for too long will increase pressure on the first half of the sole and lead to blood circulation problems and swelling feet, doing harm to your health.
Below are five types of commonly seen high-heeled shoes:
A cone heel is the most common heel type with a thick upper part and a thin lower part. Some brands are known for their special style, such as Lanvin, Givenchy and Giuseppe Zanotti.
A kitten heel is less than 5cm tall. It’s either thick or thin. The most famous kitten-heeled shoes are Valentino’s rivet shoes. PUPPY HEEL is known for its antique style. Prada, Miu Miu and Ferragmo are some of the brands dedicated to making kitten-heeled shoes.
A spool heel is wide at both ends and narrow at the middle. It’s recognized for its antique style, and it is worth mentioning that Christian Dior has turned spool heels straight and make spool-heeled shoes very fashionable.
Wedge-heeled shoes are no doubt the most suitable shoes for walking. For young and fashionable women, shoes with the heels narrower than vamps and the slugged bottom not taller than 2cm are not cumbersome and suitable for them.
A stiletto has a heel taller than 5cm and less than 1cm in diameter. Such heels are so fine that stilettos are called shoes not prepared for walking. It’s true. Generally, they make their appearance on such occasions as banquets and ceremonies. The best representative for this kind points to Jimmy Choo, a brand that gains wide appeal for its nice shoe shapes and higher comfort level.