Botanical Mother’s Day Greeting DIY With Terrain

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Any chance I get to visit Terrain, I  jump on it. I’m always excited to see the new store displays, and being surrounded by the living plants and flowers is always so refreshing and inspiring.

Mother’s Day is coming up, so I teamed up with Terrain to bring you all a fun DIY that you can make in time for the special day. I met with Meredith, their special projects manager, and we had a fun morning making a beautiful botanical greeting card that is the perfect gift to give on Mother’s Day – or a fun project to do with your mom on the special day!

Terrain’s walls are currently covered in shadow boxes containing old specimens and vintage botanical prints, and this DIY is an easy way to replicate those prints!

terrain shadow
specimen boxes

What You Need:

Pressed Flowers

Printing Paper

Matte Medium





pretty flowers

First, you’ll need to press some flowers. Terrain has an awesome and easy to use flower presser that is the perfect tool for pressing a large amount of flowers. A couple heavy books and some paper will also get the job done. (Check out Brigette’s tutorial here!)  The best kind of flowers to use are ones that can be easily flattened. We used a variety that included Hydrangeas, Violas, Forget Me Nots and Pansies.

3d and pressed flower
pressing down on book

It’s best to leave your flowers in the press for a couple of weeks to really get the right result.

forget me nots
frame to use

We used a frame that was 5″x7″, but feel free to make your prints as large as you would like. The frame above comes in a few different sizes.

printing paper

Next, cut down your printing paper to the size of the frame. We made ours a tad bit smaller so there was a bit of clear border surrounding it.

lay out your flowers

Now it’s time to lay out your design. Overlap, line up, and space out your flowers in whatever way suits you.

flower overlapping
matte medium

Secure the flowers on the paper by painting over them with matte medium and a bit of water. Allow to completely dry.

flower card

Once the print is dry, pop it in the frame and voila! A beautiful botanical Mother’s Day gift.